How are you transferring money to your bank account using PayPal without the outrageous charges and conversion fees?

Jun 19 '22 ursulasipes 1056 clicks ask

Hi, asking for freelancers who uses PayPal. How are you transferring money to your bank account without the outrageous charges and conversion fees? May workaround ba na pwedeng gawin? Thank you very much.

P.S. - I use Wise, 2nd client kasi prefers PayPal. Thanks.

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Paypal to GCash po.. di pa nmn aku nacha charge so far 1 yr ko na gnagawa.. then if I want to put it in my bank GCash to any banks 11-15php lang.

Paypal to UB. I'm using my Debit Visa Card. Convert it into USD. Instant transfer sya.

Connect paypal to your gcash account.


Link your UB account to Paypal. message customer service para maconvert nila ung card to USD at makapag widraw ka with same conversion.

Connect it to your gcash, no fees and u get it real time 😊❤️

If you will receive in peso, Paypal > Gcash is the best option. No fees. If you will receive in USD, Paypal to Unionbank. (Contact paypal support para gawin USD currency ang card). Then you will get kung ano yung current exchange rate.

Ang conversion rate ng Oaupal ang mababa kesa Wise, plus may service charge pa (depende nalang if aakuin ng client). Perl wala naman charge ang paypal to bank basta above 7k.

Paypal to paymaya 1% lang.

Tips to bypass Paypal outrageous conversion rate 😅

  1. Have a Unionbank account and request for a ATM/Debit Card
  2. Once you have the card, link the card (not the account) in your Paypal.
  3. Call or Send Message to Paypal Facebook page and indicate you are requesting to 'Change the currency' of the card link (unionbank card) in your account.
  4. wait for Paypal to contact or reply to you.
  5. always have your card wherever you go since they might call you anytime of the day and they will need you to verify the card infos.
  6. After call, within 5 minutes your card now can accept US Currency transaction, but Unionbank will convert it automatically into pesos with minimal difference from the standard exchange rate. Note:
  7. Paypal to Unionbank card (US Currency) transfer is INSTANT (been doing this for almost 3 years, never na delay even 5 mins)
  8. you can only transfer around 2,250 USD per day, since the card has a daily cap of around 125k PHP or so (not sure, I just based it on my own experience)
  9. Max out the transfer as much as possible per transaction since you will save some transfer fee, (paypal has 1% Transfer fee, capped at $10, so you better transfer $1000+ every transaction. If you transfer $2,250 you can save $12.5 since Paypal can only charge $10 to you)
  10. Have a Gcash, Gcash - Cash In from Unionbank is FREE and INSTANT. From Gcash you can withdraw it in any ATM, as much as possible max out the withdrawal amount (10k) to save some withdrawal fee.

I converted my UnionBank account to USD account. I always withdraw 10k per week and pinaka mataas na fee na ung 150 ang bawas compared sa low conversion in peso ni Paypal. Real time pa ang transfer.

Transfer to UB card po. Malaki ang conversion nila ng USD to PHP. May charges pa rin pero at least malaki ang palitan compare to gcash and others.

use UB and link it to paypal, contact UB support and request to set your UB account to a dollar account. Make sure to set primary currency in Paypal to USD. Conversion will be higher than the usual you get in paypal when you withdraw.

Transfer it sa Visa Card. 😁 USD to USD. Much higher than Paypal conversion. Pero may ginagawa pa po sa card para mataas rate. Di po pde basta magtransfer lang.

Link your bank to paypal.

If you want na no fee. It should be not less than 7,000 and select mo yung hindi express. Kapag kasi express may fee. It usually takes 1-2 business days 😊

Paypal to gcash. Tapos gcash to bank. 10pesos lang charge.

Link to gcash po. If sent thru dollars, need convert to peso sa paypal browser para once mag cash in ka thru paypal, mag rereflect na.