Hi Chi Pan teachers, is it possible to get more than 4 hours of booked classes per day?

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For Chi Pan Teachers: Were you able to get more than 4 hours of booked classes a day in your first month with them?

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Yes! Actually my friend works for Chi Pan. She had more than 4 booked classes a day! She actually had 7 to 8 classes per day during her first month of teaching... Now she has up to 12 classes a day.

Yes 5-7 classes a day.

Hi! Newbie here. Can someone enlighten me about Chi Pan? Thanks in advance! :)

yes, same as these ladies, 9 to 12hrs a day. I chose to close some slots after a few months to avoid overworking myself.

@Aaron @Luna @PattiBrewer That's really great to have classes booked over 4 hours!🤗

@KucyPryor Yes indeed!

Hello! Is Chi Pan hiring home based teachers? Anyone who has idea of their website?

@Cohlen Yes they do.

Thank you! Can anyone please give me a link of Chi Pan's website? I would like to apply. Thanks!