As a graduate of business ad, nobody hires me for online job

Jul 18 '19 Moore 1694 clicks ask

Hi! I'm looking for an online job right now but sad to say nobody hires me yet due to I never had experience doing a home-based job. Anybody can help me? I'm a graduate of business ad anyway, and has a knowledge of using excel. Maybe I can also write an article. Just more of data entry.

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@Moore Just a reminder, use home-based sites like fiverr, upwork, etc, when you are looking for jobs.

We all started as there is no experience. Just diligence and perseverance for applying. Try every chance and don't let it go easily and finally you will make it.

For starters, take your time looking around that you can stay long term or from a friend/colleague already in the home-based portal. Lots of youtube tutorials too! Don't rush into it but take your time picking the best job for you. Best wishes.