Can somebody give me tips for the interview of cold calling and appointment setting VA job?

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Hi. I applied for a VA job (cold calling and appointment setting) and was invited for an interview. I'm a newbie in the VA field and would really appreciate if you can give me some tips for the interview.

Thank you so much!!

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Learn slang, abbreviations for the county in which you are seeking employment.

Watch some tv shows, check the news and weather. Become familiar with those who are interviewing you, the company, the type of clients they have. Be proactive. Have at least 3 questions you want to ask. Make sure atleast the first two are about the company before you ask anything about your self.

Don't be afraid and be confident! Wish you a success on your upcoming interview.

Be confident kc isa un sa titingnan nila; kung gano ka ka-confident habang nakikipag usap kc as appoinment setter napaka importante nyan.

Be yourself and be true. Since this is your first time, be upfront with the interviewer of the things you know and do not know. Also, emphasize your willingness to learn and be trained. Highlight your Customer Service Skills kasi cold calling nga sya and appointment setting. Definitely, the interviewer will also ask you how you handle rejection and time management too. Eto kasi ung mga main skills na meron ka as a VA of this type. And lastly, enjoy the interview. Don't be afraid to ask questions too and try to be as comfortable as possible. Aja!

Do you know how to use mojo? Callrail, xencall etc. Thats the first question youll get from them

Research on the job description then discuss your skills na applicable sa inaaplyan mo kasi kahit wala kang experience, pag nalaman nila na may potential ka eh pasok ka sa banga!

Just be honest lang

its pretty easy.. dont predispose yourself to thimk its hard..

Try to sound confident kaht hnd 😅 Fake it til you make it sabi nga nila. Be straight to the point when answering questions. Don't forget to smile regardless kng live vid call interview man yan or phone interview. Good luck

Just be honest. Be early. At least 10 minutes before the interview, let your interviewer know you are ready and be confident with your answers. Just make sure that nag isip din ung sagot di lang puro confidence. hehe. good luck yo.

Just be honest lang po sa interview. Dont fake it if you dont know it and answer all questions as confident as you can.

Make sure to listen and answer the questions the best you can. As much as possible show them that you know how to talk since its cold calling. Be confident and just be conversational. 😊 been in that industry for 5 years now. Not all clients has the same qualifications but if you are confident enough to sell yourself then you'll do well in cold calling and appointment setting.

Start thinking of what you can do for them, and solutions to "possible" problems.

As someone who interviews VAs for my company, I try to match my VA’s job with their passions. There’s nothing more frustrating than an interviewee who isn’t honest about their likes and dislikes. It’s difficult to know how to design their ideal job if they make it seem like they are good at everything and like everything they do. Different hiring managers are different though. Be yourself. Interview them instead. Make sure it’s a good fit for you first. Because if it isn’t a good fit, you’re going to be searching for a job again quickly.

Prepare your answers on FAQ sa mga interview.

Thats one of the hardest kinds of VA job to do... unless you are able to shake off a lot of rejection and rude people. So to prepare for the interview focus on your experiences where you had to de-escalate things or be thick skinned. Key skills are asking questions that get the client to yes and probing the customer to look for cross sell or upsell potential. Bottom like be personable and engaging, speak clearly and be polite.

Thank you guys! Very useful!