Will it be enough for teaching without having TESOL?

Nov 29 '19 JpPao 1515 clicks ask

Hi guys who are teachers! I'm actually planning to teach abroad but the thing is i don't have TESOL yet but I just finished my masters of arts in teaching. Is it enough? Thanks.

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Yes, it should be. If you go somewhere in Middle East, you can earn roughly 2k usd.

Nope, you need TESOL.

MA degree is not so important here. If you are non-English major, you need TESOL po. :)

Most schools require tesol or toefl or ielts still 🙂 i worked in china for 3yrs.

Gain an international certificate. Most of the time, masters degree is not a requirement for you to apply internationally.

Get a TESOL better to have more than to have less.