What kind of equipment I can use if there's a blackout?

Nov 03 '19 Louise 1868 clicks ask

Hi guys. 😊 I need your help. We often have blackout in my place. I want to ask, if what kind of equipment I can use if there's a blackout?

PS: Except generator because it's too noisy. And I hope that equipment will last for at least 5 hrs if possible. Good for 2 lights, 1 modem and 2 laptops. Thanks in advance everyone! 😌😊

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powerbank and a converter.

Power bank + Cable booster for your modem.

Car battery + Inverter for your lappy.

I've been using this for the past 3 years or so, the battery has deteriorated (as all battery would); when I got it the first time, I could charge my laptop about 3 times while having classes, so it usually got me about 6-7 hours.

Now the batt is a bit deteriorated, but I charge my computer via power bank na so not much of an issue for me.


Laptop + UPS ... a big 1500va one will hold your modem (one) for 1-2hrs alone. But you really do need a genset for outages.

power inverter at least 1500-2200 watts, car battery, car charger.... would cost you around 8k or less.

Ups changed the battery to car battery. I connect with it my fan, light, modem and laptop. It lasts for 3 hours. 5 hours if only laptop and modem.

UPS- 2,500 with shipping fee (LAZADA) my shipping fee is expensive because I live in mindanao. But you will find cheaper ones po. I'll send a link later the UPS recommended by my friend.

CAR BATTERY with the wirings - 2,200

Extension wire- 150

Total: 4,850 You can ask an electrician or someone who can do it. Just follow the video on youtube. In my case, I just asked my father do it. I have been using it for more than a year. You just have to buy a new car battery once it's empty.

I don't have the link,sorry. But just search this product on Lazada. Better order it on 11.11. hahaha!

Here is the link on how to change the UPS battery to car battery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrLZF00qJS8