How do you deal with the stress as a home-based worker?

Jul 25 '19 Geral 2377 clicks ask

Currently I am a full-time office-based worker. Since after I got my baby born, I'm afraid I have to be staying at home to take good care of her.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Just wondering if I choose to be a home-based part-time worker, what kind of stress will I face?

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Well, since you're looking for part-time job, the salary will be lesser compared to the full-time office job you're currently working. So the economic stress maybe you'll have.

@Seina I don't think so. Since @Geral is looking for part-time job, there is a chance that she can find multiple part-time jobs if she has enough time.

Thanks to you guys all! Now it's time for me to begin the home-based work as you guys have done!