Not sure whether I should disclose ot or not, your thoughts?

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Hi po, I have a question for those who have 2 full-time jobs at the same time, or those who are working at least 14 hours a day.

  • Are your clients aware that you have a side gig?
  • During your interview with them, did you disclose that you are also working for another client?

I currently have a full-time job and still actively applying for part-time/full-time job. Not sure whether I should disclose it or not. Your thoughts please?

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I don't disclose unless asked. And if you have established for example your online profile like sa Upwork with multiple clients but still maintaining a top Rated badge and a very good JSS, usually wala paki ang client e as long as the quality output is superb. It's a matter of discipline/diskarte, time management and positive mindset.

Freelancer nga e. Unless may clear exclusivity clause sa contract, side gig pa more!

Yung mga reply nyo, Maiintindihan nyo na ang mga philhealth officers na nangnakaw ng bilyones, dahil inaaugment lang nila income nila.

Anyway like my usual comment, you only got 24hrs a day in this world. And ideal na you dont work more than 8hrs a day. In any relationship as well, communication is essential . Dapat alam ng mga jowa nyo pag may another full time jowa kayo at side girl at ok sila dun para wlang away sa huli. 😉

For me? Im not declaring it even though its okay for them... Pero i am making sure na nagagampanan ko mga responsibilities ko for both companies.

I think mas maganda try to ask them na pa- "what if" atleast it would give you idea kung ok sknila or hindi..

Ngaun up to you if mag ppush ka or hindi..

I got an exclusive contract sa boss ko pero during pandemic . I ask permission if pde so yun pinayagan ako mag partime sa iba..

For me. As much as possible, don’t disclose you have another job. Though working sa ganitong industry, alam na mostly nila then binabalewala lang. Kasi kung sabihin mo, one or the other would think, they usually take it the wrong way.

Openly disclose it to the other client na inapplyan mo para alam mo din paano imanage yun time na para sa kanila if ever matanggap ka.. Unless the job you are applying for requires exclusivity might as well notnapply anymore. Para di din unfair lalo if pagsasabayin mo oras.. Which is a No No talaga

Yes. 8 hours sa isang company dito sa pinas, then I added a 4+ hour per day na gig with an american. Aware si kano na may fulltime ako, but he wants me to go fulltime in the future.

Pag walang tanong, walang dapat sagutin at sabihin..pero siguraduhin mo na hnd magkakarun ng conflict sa work mo...

nope. good thing lng flexi sila

WHITE LIES. Pag di nagtanong wag sabihin. But most of the time clients will just look for the final product. If the final product is acceptable and passed their standard no questions will be asked. Most of the time they just want results.

Hi guys, thanks for all your inputs. Just had an interview with this 2nd client and below is her email. She didn't say if there's going to be another round of interview but she said she looks forward to the PROSPECT of working with me.

Do you think there's going to be another assessment with her colleague? This is my first time with upwork, so not sure if I should expect another interview.

If hnd tinatanong, wag n lng sbhin kasi baka iassume ng client na it will affect your performance which is possible naman tlga kasi nkkpgod din kht sbhing WFH.

2 full time, 2 part time, 1 project based - all of them knows I have other jobs altogether. All flexible hours too. I was having 2nd thoughts about telling them but I had to, I feel like I will be more comfortable working with them, knowing they know I have other obligations.

Yes, everything is disclosed to set expectations, for more than 6 years now, both flexi and full time. Well, one 40hrs/wk and one unlimited hrs, like work all u can. 😅

Say nothing. :)

I'm working for three people na mag kakakilala. Pero magkakaiba ng business so far. Aware sila and no issues sa time basta nadedeliver ang work,

I didn't disclose anything.

Siguro kung flexi yung iba or you can deliver the task required naman,why not diba? The more the merrier pero always think also about your health and your family time. 😊