I'm in progress of drafting contract for my private students, what should I take care of?

Jul 29 '19 Kimberly 1756 clicks ask

Hi, I'm in the process of drafting a contract for my private students. What exactly do you put in it? Could you share your terms & conditions or policies? Badly need your suggestions and inputs.

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Your prices per package/ class, terms and conditions should be about the cancellation policy (the deadline of your package and classes that are considered paid if the student didn't show up during the class unless informed beforehand)

Also, you need to introduce wtbe lesson plan you provide her for, why did you give that price per class, etc.

Basically, your contact is your information about what your class is all about.

Don't forget your payment method as @Elvie didn't mention it in her reply.

Once booked no refund😆😆

no need to have a contract (in my opinion)....just let them pay in advance...other nationalities don't really care about what stated in there after comparing notes with their fellow _______ (fill in the blanks with the nationalities in mind)