I'm going to Guangzhou, China for teaching, any tips to work there?

Jul 19 '19 Souris 2064 clicks ask

[PLEASE HELP] I am going to Guangzhou, China soon for teaching FACE-to-FACE. Any tips po for working as EFL Teacher in China?

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Wow, level up! You are so lucky to have such a chance. First thing to keep in mind is to obey local laws.Most Chinese people are very friendly per my impression.

wow!Congrats!bka hiring pa sila :) willing aku to go back there! haha Just be yourself and get along with everybody. hehe

@thisismehariet I want to go there too. But I didn't got such chances. Most jobs I do are home-based. The opportunity to work in China can surely get more pays, which is the main part I favorited.