9 years ago I left corporate to start freelancing

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Once upon a time, I left corporate to start freelancing. This was 9 years ago. I was broke, and had an old 2nd hand laptop. My husband then had no job.

Unfortunately the laptop which was our bread & butter broke down. I came to this person who was supposed to be the only person I could run to to ask for help. She had a laptop in almost new condition which she was barely using anyway. I asked her if I could borrow it and told her my dilemma.

Unfortunately, she smirked & gave me the face. She doesn't want me to touch her laptop. She knew my online job then was our only source of income. But she never bothered to help.

Fast forward to today, this person is coming to me for help on how she can transition from full time teaching to freelancing. Looks like she has totally forgotten the incident.

A classic example of the saying that goes, "if you were absent in my struggles, don't expect to be there during my success".

If it were you, turuan nu ba?

By the way, this person is blood related.

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The help you asked her was for you to borrow a physical device (good as new pa po talaga as you said). And what you wanted to do with it po was a 50/50 chance which could lead pa na masira/mawala from that someone. Understandable naman po yung pag decline nya sa request nyo po (baka din may sentimental value pa yun). Tapos yung help naman po na hinihingi nya sayo is something na hindi po mawawala or masisira kung ibabahagi nyo po sa kanya.. Long story short, wag mo nalang po gawing basehan yung past na nangyari sa inyong dalawa para magtanim ka po ng sama ng loob. I suggest you help her nalang. :)

I will! The best revenge to people who did bad thing to us is doing the righteous thing back to them. I have encountered multiple person often do and say bad to me upfront and at my back. But, I don’t mind. I get hurt, anyone will get hurt but choosing to do good things toward those people is our pride and best revenge to them. Marerealize nila yan for sure. Proven and tested na 😊

PS. Besides yung favor mo naman from the past is about material thing na baka kasi sobrang importante din sa kanya, I don’t know if she has an extra lappy to use or not. Pero this time, maybe it’s not too much to give her a glimpse of idea how freelancing works. Actually, adding that person to a grp like this can be considered as a help na.

Pray for discernment. Mahirap naman na sabihin namin sayo what to do, pero sa puso mo di pa ready or buo na gawin yun. Im a certain the right decision will come to you with the guidance of the Holy spirit.

I would help her. Pagkukulang nya ang di sya tumulong at pananagutan nya yun. Mas maginhawa sa pakiramdam na nakatulong ka kaya be proud of yourself dahil nalagpasan mo mga pagsubok mo at kaya mo nang tumulong. Wag lang apabuso na maging spoonfeeding na mangyayari. Better yet, ipaalala mo ang ginawa nya at sabihin mong despite nun e handa kang tumulong.

If teacher po sya dri possible na need nya laptop or naiisip nya baka msira ( mahrap namn po tlga mag ipon for laptop lalo sa sahud ng teacher sa PH) if blood related help, khit hndi ka pamlya wag isipin ang msamang pingdaan bngyan ka ni ama ng mgandang buhay after the struggle stop natin ang isipin gnyan:) tulong once sya na bahala panu sya matutu, piliin nating maging mabuti maraming magagalit peru mas maraming mag mamahal sayo ♥️

There is no right answer to this as this is very personal to you. However, if you can please take the high road. You do not have to sit down with her and really go through all the process BUT you can direct her to guidelines online. AND emphasize that if she wanted to succeed online, she needs to take advantage of all the free resources that she can find via Google. Anyways, she will be needing this kind of resourcefulness when she ventures online.

Seeing her plight is enough. Don't follow the eye for an eye concept. Help her for that what Christianity is. God helped you when you were down and He is using you to show kindness to your relative. God bless.

I will help... Pero ireremind ko sya dun sa ginawa nya sa yo about dn a laptop and eexplain at ipapaliwanag na kng sakali magkaganun uli, wag magdadamot bagkus tumulong...😊😊😊 at the end of that... Ikaw p rn po ang magiging masaya kasi nkatulong k ng hindi nagdamot at walang hinihinging kapalit😊😊😊

Be the better person :)

:: Yes, however yung level of help could vary depending on how much you have healed or willing to give. Based on how you worded the story you have not forgotten the situation which is normal. While the "blood related" person appears to have forgotten the events (or maybe she is really in desperate need). Since God has given you the opportunity to help, you may want to take advantage to be channel of His blessing.

"To err is human, to forgive" divine sabi nga. Sa huli, maaaring ito ang paraan ng Dios para ipadama sayo na hindi ka Nya pinabayaan. Binigyan ka Nya ng tagumpay at ngayon binibigyan ka Nya ng pagkakataong maging pagpapala sa iba. 😄

Don't be like her. Help when you are needed and if you can. ❤❤❤

Forgiveness is key.

Kill them with kindness ❤❤❤ Only God can give her lesson. Just be kind.

You know the feeling to be in that situation and you knew from there na ayaw mo maging ka tulad nya. As long as you can help na maluwag sa loob so be it. 😊❤️

When u forgive, you heal. Sobrang hirap magpatawad. Pero ikaw pa rin talo pag hindi nagpatawad.

Let her realize that you are the bigger person. You will feel so much better.

Your actions will reveal the kind of person that you are. You wouldn’t even have to ask us.💗💗💗

I love the comments very positive and good vibes. Always stay humble and kind for you will always reap what you sow. ♥️

i've been in this situation.. always do what is right memsh... at the end of the day blessing will come...

Do what God wants you to do.