Pure non-voice full-time home-based chat operator
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Company: RCM

Account: Dating site

Position: Full-time Chat Operator (homebased). Pure non-voice.

Work hours: Flexible (work at your own pace)

Rate: Production based

Job Description:

This is for various dating site and mature contents may be included.



β˜‘οΈ at least HS grad with CC experience (preferred but not required)

β˜‘οΈ good communication skills both written and verbal

β˜‘οΈ honest & trustworthy

β˜‘οΈ can type 40wpm

β˜‘οΈ computer literate

β˜‘οΈ can work w/ minimal supervision

System Requirements:

πŸ’» Owns a laptop or desktop (at least 4GB RAM)

πŸ“Ά Stable Internet connection w/ speed of at least 5mbps.

Please leave your skype account for interview, orientation & meetings once hired.

187 Replies

Name: Kgopolelo Langa Skype Name: live:.cid.3a591719f745db0e

Hello Ma'am /Sir; I am interested to apply. My Skype account is lilah dumo. Thanks

Name: Fitz skype; live:a6565ff409b2fea9




Kizzy Marmoleno live:.cid.5659fe9e33664141

SKYPE ID : mahkins120

I am interested. Please reach out to me at live:josabelleracelb

Good day! I would like to apply for the job position. I'm really interested

Here's my Skype ID: michael7bliss and my email: [email protected] I look forward to working with you.

Interested. I am currently working for an Online Dating Chat account. I can sent screenshots to show I know how this works.

Chat me at skype : live:d4471831b0f24f4f

Name: Genesis Rev R. Cagais Skype ID: live:.cid.7a39aab65c9922c1 Email: [email protected] I am very interested in this position. Hoping for your response.



Good day! I've seen your post on the vacancy for the position of full-time chat operator and I am highly interested on applying for the position. I am willing to be trained and I assure you that I am a fast learner. Hoping for you response and I'll be delighted to be invited for askype interview. Below is my skype account name. Thank you Skype account name: michelle229326

ruthzaibell live:.cid.a1dd47f91d6acd0b

Good day! I am interested for the position. Below is my full name and Skype account. Norwin Gonzales skype: live:.cid.e93605a279c0c45b

Hi, I am interested live:rsingaonyup

Katrina Layson Skype ID: live:.cid.8794523327bfe68c

I am interested! live:.cid.93ca5197023148c9


live:jomarmeguizo With experience for UK clients




Hi, I am interested in the job, my skype username is live:moohintl.

Hi, Is this still ongoing? I am interested to apply for the position.

my skype account is [email protected]

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Hi! I am interested. skype acc: live:.cid.99830ea205bc837f

Good day! Iam interested. cid.b80be4ab7e0e162 Thank You and staysafe!

live:.cid.7e7db66dd0dd9633 INTERESTED

Hi Sir/Mam,

Good day! I believe I'm qualified for the account. Here's my Skype ID: live:.cid.f2d881a44a2ef3b7 I am looking forward hearing from you.

Thank you.



Vhel Ebrada Skype ID: live:.cid.dfc277c3f8b801ed


Skype I.d: live:.cid.e2055af22fdd99a4 college level

live:gleniel0615 Bachelor Graduate

Skype ID : live:.cid.cdc58c689ea146fa Good Day! Interested to apply

Skype ID: zyra.bongabong

Skype ID : live:.cid.2cbf61d70bc390ea


Skype id: KINGYHAN08

I am very much interested and I believe I am qualified on the said position. Here's my Skype acct. live:atanaciocynth

Hello I'm interested. This is my skype live:.cid.6918195ed05cebb6

interested here live:.cid.9c3060e53cc21b62

interested here... Skype ID: Km Dee

good day! i am interested for the job. skyoe id: Prodyot Handique email id: [email protected]

im interested.. skype id.. live:.cid.c2808abae57e2d3


hi. my skype account is live:.cid.b1cb32bc9f1a35f3

HI IM VERY MUCH INTERESTED skype:kennethjay143

HI. I'm interested. skype id is: jecildabg. I'm ready to start immediately. Thank you.

Am interested Skype ID: live:.cid.deee80cd98799582

Hi, I am interested here is my skype name: live:adelabongcarawan

interested po live:.cid.b609ed4e0cc33def

Hi ma'am/sir. I'm very much interested skype i.d: live:.cid.3b1d64aa1c23b983

Hi Ma'am/Sir! I'm interested :) live:.cid.d75be7c973a4506e

Hi im Precious Musarurwa a senior personal assistant and typist. Im interested full time My skype is Precious N Musarurwa

Hi! Please hire me. I'm interested Thank you.


Hi, I am currently a part time ESL Tutor. Unfortunately, pay is super not enough to suffice my 2 kids' need.Hope you will consider me for the job. Here is my skype acct live:.cid.fcae013f8dc8d452

Hi hope all is well. Im very interested my skype name is. Arlene Gonzalez enail: [email protected]

Hi! I'm Paula Capuyan. I have a BPO experience. skype: live:redxy2390

Alfred Gallano live:.cid.699a7f0fbc902d3

interested!! live:.cid.6e6ce48688157f0a

Good Morning Have done this type of work before am very interested.... My Skype is bbmsa1

Good day! I'm willing to apply. Here is my skype: live:.cid.a7fc884611e96c10

Good day. I'm interested, and can work full time. My skype: live:.cid.260a79ac1f31b99

**I am interested. Skype i.d. live:.cid.57ac29526049f844

Good day. I'm willing to apply. MMy skype:live:.cid.e96dcd0d78a2dcc8

Good day Im willing to apply my skype id: live:.cid.7cc5b51adf81374d

I am interested here is my skype ID SOPHIA SOBRANG-GANDA





live:.cid.dcb22880beb84515 Interested

live:.cid.6e19ee64bd93d24e I am interested.

live:.cid.e59a00088f72780e I'm interested to apply for this job. I have 3-month experiece already in this line of work. Hoping to get hired soon.

Hi, I am interested. Here is my skype:live:.cid.38fd8cc7db784915

Hi, I am interested and can work right away.
Contact me here at live:.cid.acdba739454d12b7

Good evening . live:.cid.e14829541dfdb020


Good day!

If this is still available i am iterested to apply for this job. Below are my details where you can contact me. Complete name: Reynaldo Inot Jr. Address: Solid Homes, Taytayan Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines Email: [email protected] skype:live:.cid.4f6361bc39ffee79

Thank you and looking forward to your consideration.

Skype name: jessikim

I am interesrested skype id live:.cid.f942ae38bef522da



Interested! live:.cid.1e92840a166d3f1b

Hi, live:.cid.e66036f8a43f3033


live:.cid.7a1729307de2473 I have worked for months and send good quality messages.

Hi, I'm interested to apply. live:devseph1204


Hello. I am interested and have exerience in the field. Below is a link to my skype account: https://join.skype.com/invite/bhDBeQEvfAcu


Hi I am interested and I am experience . My Skype ID is below live:.cid.4debc1053953a68d

live:.cid.79f8d8207fd208c8 [email protected]

I'm interested, please count me in: Skype id: live:.cid.aa3dcded97900b66 email add: [email protected]

Skype ID: gkg0811

i'm interested. please hire me skype id: live:.cid.dfe7936bc8e65263

live:.cid.9dae7c88529e4b79 interested applicant here

I have been a chat host for 3 years and I am interested in your offer. Here is my skype: live: .cid.dcd4bf8d88f85ff8

im interested. hire me. my skype is [email protected]

I'm interested . skype.live:.cid.5401b16cd82b40b3

live:.cid.41682e930e140834 I worked as a chat moderator before

Skype: djaesonkyle@gmai.com or djaesonkyle

please i want to try. live:9f567af68d5aaa42

please let me in live:.cid.9732d2efacba603b

I am very interested. live:.cid.8b50cf533b6b88f1

Hello. My name is May and I am willing to be part of your team ;) Here's my Skype name: live:.cid.6e132d771dcf2e70 live:.cid.6e132d771dcf2e70

skype id: live:.cid.250cd52dbed69784 skype name: May Rose Leyson

Jonathan.galos this is my skYpe nAme. Jonthan

Hello please, l am interested in the chat moderator job. l am an advanced writer and have five years experience. Kindly contact me on skype live:. cid63375d0c6ec5f4cc

im interested with the job, though i dont have the experience. here's my SKYPE ID: julyann311


live:jedharold03 I'm currently in need of a part time job since my wife is pregnant. I've been in the BPO industry for 5 yrs now as well and had some experience with chat and email support. Thanks!



Hi if still available,l am interested. SKYPE : [email protected]

Skype name: Janilla Nicdao


so intrested bbmsa1

Skype ID- live:.cid.8af2964c186939ae Skype Name- Glenford Dela Torre

Hello Good day, My name is Stacy William, I am 29 years old. I do with to apply with your company. my Skype ID is: live:kay_cheerylips. Please do reach out.

Skype ID- live:.cid.13d890412d4518b8 Skype Name- Mark Chester Sanqui

Skype ID- live:.cid.5a7b7687e8eac4ed

Hello! SKYPE ID: cascasaligan Thank you!

SKYPE ID: live:.cid.be481d162c927305


Interested po. live:.cid.3c3345d7cbd28563

interested live:.cid.7235eb2f116e5c2e

Interested live:.cid.76cf8f73c2757353

Skype Email: [email protected] Live: pierremesina000

Hi, I'm Interested to. Skype: live:.cid.cf245980a86b2f3e

Skype ID: melbayadog

live:de653a036096a765 interested

Skype: live:.cid.681e15ce396e0a52

Hello! I'm interested to apply. Skype ID: live:atrociousmonique

Hi there, Let me show you a dedication and perverance that I have acquired by being in customer service industry for over 3 years. Here's my Skype ID live:8bdda158f6bfc346 for an interview

Hello there, Here's my Skype ID live:.cid.a4329e4e64f2a72d

Hi. My Skype ID is live:.cid.a326e5320abd582f More than 1 year chat support experience (UK platform).

I'm interested. Skype ID: live:.cid.3b83ac2a43cb32f

Hi, I am interested in joining your dynamic team. My skype is [email protected]

Hello I'm interested

SKYPE ID : live:.cid.cc83495601c4f056

Hi I am interested for this work. here is my skype name: live:.cid.691ea2cdd0145c38

Looking forward to work with you.

Screenshot (44).png

*Three years experience with US, UK, and IRE platforms.


Im interested with the job. So, here is my Skype name: live:.cid.2a0051f60cededc9.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Joemer Fernandez live:25b06e4988ae0406

live:.cid.2a0051f60cededc9 Looking forward to hear from u soon.

Hi! My name is Cherry Tapales here is my skype name live:.cid.d0a849dc9059f732

Hi Good day! Job seeker here. live:.cid.7031728bacae4ef7 Yachner Openano



Hi! Im Mia and Im intererested to work in your company. this is my skype ID miatiulanuza

LorieJane Modoc Email: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.96f6a792ef478bb

live:.cid.814580f401ade57 JM ZARC

live:.cid.814580f401ade57 JM ZARC

I'm interested of this job Pls.hire.me

live:.cid.814580f401ade57 pls hire me. I want this job.

live:.cid.cc959d032830d688 Please message me the details at skype.

Interested, Here is my skype id live:.cid.29753b44f87f51ff

iNTERESTED, HERE'S MY SKYPE ID Live: cid.a300cad92171a91a


Intrested, this is my skype id: live:.cid.29753b44f87f51ff


Name: Chrismark Lee Skype Id: live:.cid.62921063df362ba2

skype id- live:614443c04237025d

Hi, It's your lucky day today. The search is over as you've found the "ONE" already. I can be your most reliable Chat Operator. I have four years of experience as a Customer Service Representative, in the BPO industry. Why don't you send me an invitation so we can talk further, remember I am just one click away. I am excited to work with you!

Skype ID: live:5ea7cc0caf33d70c

Hi my Skype ID: live:.cid.6a35c897dd333b16

Skype: karen.manalang08