List of Legit Freelancing Platforms for People in the Philippines Should Know

Jul 16 '21 MariaBerdy 29700 clicks share

Here I collected a rich list of legit freelancing platforms for those who are in need. Let's start working on a legit freelancing platform:

General Platforms:

Virtual Assistant Platform:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants:

Health Care Virtual Assistants:

Micro-Freelancing Platforms:

Graphics & UI Design:

Tutorial Platform:

SEO Platforms:

Transcription Platform:

Digital Maketing:

Proagramming & Web Development:

3D & CAD Design:

Freelance Engineers:

CSR / Technical Support:

Chat Support:

Data Entry:

What's your idea? If you know some legit freelancing platforms I haven't posted here, leave the comments below so the others can be informed. Thank you!

Partial credit: @HbwMarkDi

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Hi @MariaBerdy , thanks for your hard work for posting a list of legit freelancing platforms. I suppose this would be very informative and helpful for those who are looking for home-based online freelancing jobs!

Thank you @MariaBerdy! I love this list as it's really useful for me!

Thanks for your comments! @daniel @Kai , I'm just honored to do this in a way of helping others. God bless us!

Thanks @MariaBerdy may the force be with you :)

Thank you @Joboy , haha the Force is with us all!😆

Thank you! This is really helpful.

Very useful. It must cost you a lot of time in collecting all those legit freelancing websites for us.☺️☺️ Thank you.

@Persephone @flower Thanks for your compliments. Yes, it indeed takes time to collect all those legit freelancing websites, but I think it is worth the time of doing this.😊😊

This is indeed useful!😊😊

Maria Berdy, Hi, I would like to know why ths list is posted here without any acknowledgent/credit. Anyway, I am the admin of HBW, RDM, FWAH & a bunch of other freelance groups. Freelancing With a Heart Community Homebased Workers Support Group Those contents were posted by me in multiple location in the internet most of them are on Facebook,some blogs and Google with the following clause at the end of the list LEGIT FREELANCING PLATFORMS 👉 (#NoDerivatives Do not cut & Paste w/out Proper Attribution) Anyway I hope you could edit your posting and acknowledge to place propper attributions.

Mark Di, HBW