How much do you guys charge for online private tutorials as a teacher?

Jul 27 '19 Riley 2598 clicks ask

Hi, for those who are teachers, how much do you guys charge for online private tutorials?

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$6 per 40-50 minutes.

How to find private students?

@MayraRios For starters, if you're working on a platform.. you may get regular student's contacts.

@EdfySheehy Is it allowed?

@Lolly Nope. Once your company knows that you tried to contact your student privately, you'll be fired.

I charge less but Brazilians are already backing out (even old students) . Haay! I was planning to increase again next year. Which nationalities accept such rates?

my chinese students around 20-25 rmb or Php7,500/month per student 50 classes.

i charge 6 usd per hr coz but if I have a certifications, I'll increase.

When is the right timing to increase?

@Clarete That's really nice.

@Peggy When you already proved yourself to the client and when you upgraded your system, then you can just increase the fee.