Speechless when client asks how much do you need to have a comfortable life

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When your client asks you “How much do you need to have a comfortable life?” I was speechless and don’t know what to answer. Anyway kung kayo magkano ba talaga?

Honestly what I’m earning now is enough naman but I’m still looking for other clients because bukod sa expenses I also want to have savings for my kids and other investments. So hindi ko tuloy alam kung magkano isasagot ko.

He told me to just get back on him tomorrow. Any idea or suggestions?

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Mga 100-150k po monthly SHEREP

Agree sa 100k to 150k, that will cover investments too.

above answers were right. you have to earn 100-150 para maging comportable buhay.

120-160k 💯💖🤗

We talked about this on our podcast lol

Pag cinompute niyo sa harap ng tao yung gastos niyo to live a comfortable live, baka di niyo alam san mapupunta yang mga 100k niyo hahahaha

100k-150k kashing! kashing! 😍

Sarap naman ng ganyang tanong!! Sana halls!

To own a house nalang kamo while considering your daily expenses which is the one you are earning right now. Tapos computin nyo ang monthly ng bahay hahaha

I'll not answer in figures.. I'll just say an amount that is enough to feed my family and send my kids to school, provide a roof on top of our heads and a little for us to save for retirement.

Compute everything from your daily expenses, up to the savings that you need para sa kids and other investments then give him that amount.

You can compute for that based on your current needs. Then your income should be budgeted as 60% Expense 20% Investments 20% Savings.

Is this a question about how much you would get for your salary? If so, ask them how much they can offer you first, from then you will have the upper hand. Having to know their capability to pay you, and your worth.

Isali ang future sa computation. Educational plan, investments na binabayaran every month.

Goal is 100k to 150k per month. ✔️ But better if more no? Like you have your own business and all 🙂

40-50k is enough for me but must be long term like up until makatapos si anak mag college. Hehe not much but 40k will go a long way na for me and my daughter.

Ika nga what is comfortable life to you. Its a trick question ni client.

The question is "how much" so the answer is an amount.

NOTE: If you don't know how much you need to live a comfortable life, at least a life YOU think is comfortable, you need to start setting some goals.

If it were me, I would answer 4,000 USD a month, to me that's comfortable. Also then note the client did not say "lavish life".

Maybe it depends on what “a comfortable life” is to you. Kahit po kasi gaano kalaki ang income, if not handled properly, some would still end up na parang kulang na kulang padin. 🙂 I hope your talk goes well with your client and that you’d be given a figure that would help you reach your goals. 👍🏻

are you tracking your expenses? you can start from there. If you spend 50k a month without savings, I'd say base your answer on that amount. so you need to earn about 70k a month for you to have savings. kng saving ang goal mo.