Is 85 hours per week for working possible?

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Is 85 hours per week for working possible?

Or is that like pushing yourself too hard?

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Depends on family dynamics, lifestyle a d priorities. But generally, yes

It is possible pero it still depends on you.

If you're commuting for manila to Taguig. That's normal.

@MarkDi It's funny but it's true.😅😅😅

It depends on you. If you are willing to work 12 hours a day every day or 17 hours a day for five days a week, then go for it. But it will affect your health in the long run.

short term (super in demand moments) it's possible but please prioritize your health.

it is okay for this week. then, take a leave next whole week.

Possible but not advisable. And also not encouraged.

Let us encourage healthy work habits and life balance.

Possible, lalo na kung manual time. Pero kung may timer ka and 85 hours a week... well, you'll find out for yourself how it would drag your mental and physical heatlh down.

Working from home should be a work life balance. Don't abuse yourself.

I don’t recommend it. That’s 12 something hours everyday, including weekends. Sinasabi natin mag homebased tayo to spend more time with our family pero minsan kakalagari natin, wala narin pala tayong oras para sa pamilya.

As I always say, work like hell and take care of your health at the same time.

Siguro if single ka and you live alone. Pwede yan. 30 to an hour exercise a day to keep you fit and 5 hours of sleep. 1 hr lunch

Possible yes! However sooner or later you'll burn out yourself. If you are after hitting a certain amount on a monthly basis then you need to scale up your business by means of having the right skills so you can charge your clients accordingly. I have 4 client's but I only work 30 to 40hrs a week and still hitting my weekly income target without sacrificing my physical, mental and emotional health. Still have a lot of of time to read books, get new learnings sleeping 10 hrs a day, a mom of 3 and running our own small business. May family time pa dn na madami weekly gala and more more movies to watch pa dn... If you think having that 85 hrs a week, do you think you'll be happy? 😉

Outsourcing is the key.

possible and doable but its so exhausting and will end you up like working like hell in the end you loose the quality of your work 😂😂😂

Possible. But kagaya ng sabi ng iba, nakaka burn out and hindi maganda sa health, esp pag di ka na bumabata. Hope we all get to learn how to work wisely and exp magka passive income. I wish all of us magka time and financial freedom 🙏❤️

I did few yrs back 60 hrs per week sa isang client then I had 4 more clients.

Di maganda ang resulta, nag- suffer health ko, anxiety and stress, lesson learned: Wag masyado abusuhin ang sarili kasi mas pricey yung result nun

Outsource some to others if you don't want to lose the project if that is possible but to be honest, kung sosolohin mo, you will not give value to yourself and to your clients. It's like you live to work and not the other way around. Find a way na hinde lang ikaw ang gumawa lahat.

Possible, not healthy. No value na din ang work quality after 2 weeks because you are already way too tired.