If you're a freelancer and you get paid via PayPal, who pays the transaction fee?

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Hey guys. Just want to confirm. If you’re a freelance and you get paid via paypal, who should pay the transaction fee? Correct me if I’m wrong pero Hindi ba dapat shouldered ni Client yun?

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My client shoulders the fee 😊 pero PayPal is getting more and more expensive 😣 sabi nga nya, he'd rather give those fees to his staff than pay PayPal, kaya we looked for a cheaper pay channel.

Some clients shoulder the fee. Some are not. Yung client ko nung una sakin binabawas ung fee sakin pero wla ko magawa.. nung naregular ako sa work kinausap ko ng maayos na ang laki ng fee tapos next day sya na nagshoulder ng fee.. :)

I pay my VAs fee. I feel as a buyer that is my obligation. That said, you can always include that to your final price.

ang ayoko eh ung marerecieve ko bayad na naka convert na sa Php.. kasi kung computin ko nagkukulang ng mga $5 to $10 ung bayad ni client.

Integrate it with your pricing. 🙂 pero if di pa naman kalakihan charge mo or starting ka palang, split mo between you and client. Lagay mo “invoice fee” sabihin mo sa client you’ve split the paypal fees between the two of you, i do this sometimes 🙂 pag one time projects.

Its best to factor in the charges from payment channels to your rate.

No to friends or family option. You're running a business so to speak so it's either your client shoulders the fees outright or you factor it into your rate. When it comes to these things never go into the grey area, it should always be black or white.

You can suggest him to mark you as "friends or Family" to avoid the fees or you can increase your rate for that reason or tell him that he should pay the fee first hand because you're rate will be unfair if fees included.

Ako nagsho-shoulder ng fees pero sinosoli ni client sakin lahat ng Paypal fees for the whole year as a Christmas bonus.

there is no free in this world, everything has a price, of course you can ask client to shoulder the fee

Not really. Most clients don't. Best to factor that into your rate..

If you’re going to be paid via PayPal, dapat naka factor in na ang PayPal fees sa quote na ibibigay mo kay client. Nasa sa kanya yon kung inenegotiate nya sayo, pero it’s wrong to assume na si client ang magbabayad without prior agreement, kase ikaw ang service provider, ikaw ang nagbibill for your service.

My client usually pays for the transaction fee. 😊

Depende. Kasi may ibang client kung anonung pay or rate na napagusapan nyo , un na un. Meron naman iba, aware may fees kaya nagkukusa.

should be shouldered ni client mo on top of ur pay mag a add ka para sa trans fee

My clients shoulder the fee. That is part of the cost of doing business online, and spares them from having to line up in a bank etc, saving them tons of time and money in the long run. 🙂

Clients usually shoulder the fee

nasa agreement niyo. request mo sa client na sya na magshoulder ng fees.

I had a client, akin yung paypal charges, pero nakahirit ako ng increased rates later on.

My client pays for the fee, I add it in my invoice. By invoice kasi ang pagsend sa kanya since we process all payments via invoices. Pero pag bonus via western union 🙂 . I asked him eversince nagstart ako to work for him if he can shoulder the transaction fee and he said yes naman. Sa other clients ko, hindi nila binabayaran yung fee. 😞

sa isa kong client ako talaga nag sshoulder ng fee. tapos dun naman sa isa, I asked him if hhe could send the payment direct sa bank ko kasi sabi ko the conversion rate plus the fee on PP is a pain on my end. He still insisted the PP but he adjusted na lang yung pay ko and he covered the fee. Pwede mong kausapin si client. Depende sa timing siguro ganun.