Ano po maisa-suggest nyo po na homebased job na no experience?

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Ano po maisa-suggest nyo po na homebased job na no experience?

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Best advice: offer a potential client for a free voluntary work or pro bono. You'll have konwledge and experience as an exchange. If you agree with this idea, include that on your cover letter and tell the client your preference.

Please no to free work.

You can offer freebies but never work completely for free.

Remember you have the skills, just not the WFH experience.

What you would need to do is to make a list of skills that you have and work on your offer.

Sa skills na meron ka, ano ang mga pewede mo gawin para kay client?

Once you have that down next step is, sino ba si client?

From there start to polish your offer.

You can attract them with a freebie but NEVER EVER EVER WORK COMPLETELY FOR FREE.

Working for free would only give the people you reach out to the feeling na you are not confident in your skills and what you can do.

More often than not, it wouldn’t result to them hiring you but just using you.

Yes you are new to this industry but that doesn’t mean you do not bring any value at all.

If lahat ng tao na inapproach mo in a way na ‘hey i can do work for you for free’ sa tingin mo may makukuha ka na paying client? Siyempre they’d automatically opt for the free work lang.

So eto lang yun for short:

  1. List down your skills
  2. List down the services you’ll offer
  3. Know who your target market is
  4. Polish your offer
  5. Connect and network with your target market
  6. Give value and then offer services

Mind if I ask what you meant by no experience? Medyo bihira ang walang skill.

Baka may work experience ka pa din, it just needs to be transitioned into freelance wfm work.