If you're a freelancer and you get paid via PayPal, who pays the transaction fee?

Aug 21 '20 lucienne_lockman 4762 clicks ask

Hey guys. Just want to confirm. If you’re a freelance and you get paid via paypal, who should pay the transaction fee? Correct me if I’m wrong pero Hindi ba dapat shouldered ni Client yun?

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Ask client to click send as gift so there is no transaction fee.

I always inform my client ahead of time to have them shoulder the fees on paypal. Or send it as a gift so I won't be charge any other fees. From then on they already know what I meant.

Some are bless and some are not..me hehehe amin ang fee ..but its ok

I always add it on top of my fees when I create invoice. It's like lazada, you always put the shipping fees and taxes on the customer.

Thanks for the answers guys! The question is really not for my own interest. Haha! Sadly I handle the fee din. Mejo masakit sa bulsa kasi anlaki ng kaltas. Huhu. 😅

Anyway, the story behind the question is we're hiring IG influencers to create content kasi and one of them clearly said that client should handle the fee but my client said they wanna avoid paying the fee. So, google said dapat daw si client nagbabayad because it's like not paying the correct fee pag hindi? Sadly hindi pla ganun ang reality satin. Haha.