I’d just like to ask, can creativity be learned? What are your thoughts guys?

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I’d just like to ask, can creativity be learned? What are your thoughts guys?

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We all have it inside us, you just have to get your creative juices flowing.

Creative - pagiging malikhain. Natural na sa lahat ng tao yun.

It’s like somebody asking “seeing” can be learnt ?

try reading the book "Talent is Overrated" and "Mastery", after reading them, you can answer your own question.

Our right brain hemisphere controls creativity, so yes, everyone can be creative. We just need inspiration to get it flowing 👨‍🎨

Yes, absolutely but you have to find effective ways on how you can improve it, like invest in learning. It can be through trainings, have a mentor, or a community that supports creativity and growth. :)

Creativity is not a skill nor a function, discipline sya on how to create things out of no where. Usually creativity is alligned with marketing and anything related to art and design. Pero creativity has different forms. Hindi porket magaling ka mag drawing creative ka na; artistic ka pero it doesnt mean creative ka.

Evry one is creative on their way and inspiration.. traveling, learning, etc can make it.

Everyone is born with a level of creativity that you can choose to nurture or set aside. It's like having a knife that you can sharpen. You can draw it out by means of daily practice. You can get inspiration from the environment, watching or reading tutorials, choosing to look at different perspectives by other creative people. I'm a writer so I read a lot to get ideas.

I believe everyone has their creative side. You just have to explore your own side. Find out what you enjoy doing. Some people paint while some do photography. Some paint abstracts, some paint portraits. Kanya kanya naman po yun. :)

Be open lang. Something like that.

If you believe it then you can be creative. It is all about the mindset. There is no limit to what you can do only if you will work and put your effort to make it happen! 😊you are, so you will, then you can.

Creativity comes in different ways. Puwedeng, creative ka digitally, in writing, or through arts like painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. Don't put yourself in a box. Discover mo po kung saan ka nagiging creative, and finds ways to improve and get better. I agree that creativity is in everyone of us. Just be faithful with your craft and you'll get there ;)

For me creativity is in every one of us. The hard part is knowing where. May mga tao na super creative when it comes to designing, ang iba is on writing. But just like any other skill, it can be improved. As long as you are practicing it every day then eventually gagaling ka talaga.

I would say creativity can be learned. However it is a process—a tedious one in fact. You can develop your creative self through influences from other creatives. Say, you are into digital arts. You try to look for artists that interest you and you research all sorts of materials that you can use. In this process you can discover your own style. Hence, creativity can be learned. If not, then there should be no graphic design courses and other related programs. It’s not pure talent. It takes time, effort and dedication.

You just have to let yourself explore things you haven't explored yet. Open and broaden your horizon and surprise yourself in doing things you didn't thought you could do before. You won't lose anything in doing so.

In my opinion, creativite sense is more of a talent than a skill. You can't learn it but you can improve it over time. It will take a less creative person multiple times the time and effort to reach what a naturally creative person can do in a shorter amount of time. Kind of like how a sports car will get to their destination much faster than a bike, but they will both get to their destination. The difference is just how much time and effort they spend.

Inspiration then creativity comes.

Everyone can be creative in their own way. 🌺🌺 You can learn how to be creative in your own way. Just try and see what creative niche you would excel.

Creative or logical-thinking person - everyone always needs to learn in order to improve.

I believe so...through exposure and exploration, you gain ideas and patterns. Any creative mind is not so unique when you break it down to pieces.