I just found one of my co-freelancers is adding manual time without permission

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Hello guys,

I just found that one of my co-freelancers is adding manual time sa time tracker without permission!

He's been adding it since we hired him, what's the best thing to do? And can he get suspended? Can we get a refund?

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What's on your agreement?

If you’re the boss then might as well talk to him. If not, keep your mouth shut n lang

@Fangki I certainly do not agree with just shutting your mouth. If you’re a team member, you have the right to know if you are all being compensated fairly. It’s okay to ask and communication is always the key to a good and harmonious working relationship.

@Fangki How can you have peace of mind knowing that one of your team mate maybe doing something unauthorized? Given that the person who posted this already know what’s going on and she’s already bothered that’s why she’s asking the community. You don’t have to be the boss or manager to care about your team mates. These types of issues can be demotivating for some team members.

Whatever you do, please DO NOT report either to your client or to Upwork unless you have absolute proof that what he is doing is without permission or knowledge of client.

I agree with minding your business but unfortunately, based on some posts here, what one person does can also affect others... Ang dami ko ng nabasang posts na kung hindi tinanggal silang lahat, hinold ung payment ng lahat dahil lang sa kagagawan ng isang tao. So, if you're a team, you should be concerned.

Just my 2 cents - It's important to keep in mind that any dishonest action esp. if it's business impacting can have serious consequences. Baka by hiding it, it can make someone just as culpable. Baka dalawa pa sila mawalan ng trabaho.

and manual time are being approved pa. Impossible na di alam ng nagaapprove yan.

Pwede mo syang kausapin and let him know your concern. Refund, in a way na pwede mong ideduct yung manually added hrs next billing nya. But ask him first kng bakit ba?

Even you are the boss or not, it would be good if klaruhin mo muna lahat before doing any moves.

Ano po ba tracker niyo? There are trackers kasi na pwede ichange ang settings kung ayaw niyo magdagdag si employee manually ng hrs.,

I used to do this. Madalas ako nakakalimot mag track ng time lalo na at hindi ako sanay. As long as makikita ung progress wala namn cguru problema.

@Bryce Same here..

If naka enable talaga ung manual time for him. I think wala naman mali dun. Unless mapatunayan nyo na hnd talaga siya nagwork during those hours.

Are the hours justified by his work output? Hindi satanas ang manual time, it's there for a reason. It also gets approved weekly by the client, yes may clients talagang masyadong chill. But again, kung tama lang naman ang bayad sakanya for the actual work there should not be any problem.

Unless you think overcharging na sya sa hours nya?

Justifiable naman manual time if may deliverables naman siya. If wala tapos may manual time kasalanan niya na yon kasi walang protection si Upwork don pede idispute ni client.

Manual time needs approval. You have to discuss it with client. Maybe he allowed it.

Has he been asked why was he doing that?

It's not illegal if allowed and justified by screenshots, also the client can turn off "adding manual hours" feature.

Kelangan ba talaga may permission when it comes to adding manual time? What if allowed naman sa contract un? Things happen , minsan talaga nakakalimutan natin magtrack ng hours.

Malay mo naman ininform ng ka co-worker mo ung client nyo about it? Ikaw lang ang di informed.

Anyway, if you really want to make sure... discuss it with him. Then tell that co-worker of yours na iinform si client. Silang dalawa ang dapat mag-usap. It's between the client and the worker.

I always add my time manually without permission, specially if sa phone ko ginagawa work ko. I think my clients understands naman siguro. Pero talk to your teammate nalang rin.

Happened to our second VA, una hinayaan ko, but then si client mismo ang nag duda. When boss asked the other VA about her time, she immediately resigned. So obvious at nakonsensya. Third VA, ayan nanaman, lokohan sa time tracker. I already told her what happened to the previous VA. Sana natuto naman sya. Since hindi na sya naka Upwork, hindi ko na alam anong ginagawa niya but there are times na obvious na na-edit yung tracker niya (toggl) So ayun, I just don't wanna sound like I don't have another colleague but it's unfair for me. Sana yung dalawang bagong trainee namin hindi ako magkaproblema. VA lang ako pero ako ang madalas mag train sa kanila