How to take care of children when you are doing work?

Feb 21 '20 Christianson 2362 clicks ask

Mind sharing what policies you've seen regarding working while caring for children?

As a parent of young children, I cannot imagine being able to work at my home office while my kids are in the house. I think it'd be unfair to both the child and the employer.

I am seeing a need to better clarify with my team members my expectations, but before I do so I want to hear what is happening & customary.

Please share your experience and what is a win-win for everyone, thank you.

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I think at the end of the day, as a client, you would want your team to be productive and effective. I think it's fair for everyone to agree on the expectations of the job role prior to hiring.

As long as this is discussed and agreed between you and your employee, then the more clear the expectations are. I'm sure your team will be able to understand when you set this up. You can then decide who a fit is or not.

Communications and expectations should be set early on so the business can run smoothly. That's the reason why you started to delegate work in the first place, to get things off your plate. I hope you get to a solution that would work best for you and your team.

As long as they deliver , deadlines are met and the quality of work doesn't suffer - then all is goodm 💯♥️

I have 2 kids and working from home since the year 2012 and never had an issue with my employers. TRUST should be given to the parents. If the goal established has been met by the employee then it should have no problem. We know how to juggle both careers and if one side is left hanging, we know how to cope up. Just trust. 🤗

Been working with a client for more than 6 years and literally my kids grow-up kasabay ng business ng client ko. He doesn't mind I have kids playing around while I work as long as di ko napapabayaan yung work ko. He even adjust my schedule so I can get more sleep and be productive.

Me too my boss doesn't care a bit. As long as I can deliver my work properly and in timely manner.

I am not a parent but I once had co-workers who both have kids and they seemed to be doing pretty well in performing the given tasks. I think it's a matter of multi-tasking and time management. We didn't have to use timeproof though for our tasks before as long as they're all done so there was no pressure of the employer reviewing what was done within the hours.

It really depends on what kind of job you are doing. In my situation my boss/ co-workers dont care a bit. Just get the job done on time and satisfactorily.