I have no work experience, what kind of work for me to be home-based?

Jul 23 '19 Ivy 1615 clicks ask

Hi! I just want to ask what kind of work for me to be homebased. I'm a mom of a 3 month old baby☺️☺️. I do not have any work experience other than being a freelance photographer and freelance graphic artist.

I know how to use excel and ms word. I have not finished my college degree yet. I think I have a VA case where there are tasks in VA that I do not know to do. Bale one year I just graduated. I hope I get answers from all of you.

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You might want to consider an online teaching job.

There are many online home-based jobs you can find on the Internet, such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You can even find job opportunites here.