Be aware of Enderun Colleges

Nov 22 '19 Opeda 3106 clicks review

Be aware of Enderun Colleges. They offer 130 pesos per hour office based man to man while they charge 200k plus dorm fee per student.😑

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Aaaaaand they require too much. smh

Thank you for this very useful info. I have just received a message from them for the Office-based ESL post.

130 per hour rate is not even acceptable for online teachers

That is the very definition of insane!

I used to teach in Endurun College ESL Dept 7 years Compensation was higher back then around 250 php per hour. However, it was super traffic in the McKinley area.

It's sad to hear that such offer mentioned above is not even a "low balling" but exploitation to say the least.