Is it true that 51talk offer $22 per hour?

Aug 08 '19 Eiden 3320 clicks review

Hi there! just wanna ask something. I saw an ad about 51 talk stating that they offer $22/hr.

Can anyone attest to this? And if not, how much is their starting rate? Would really appreciate your replies 🙂

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Their lowest rate is 100php. Highest rate I'm not sure but it's less than 200... 51talk does a lot of false advertisement...

I don't think that's their rate impossible.

50 pesos starting rate.

But some of their tutors earn as much as 40k a month.😅

That's impossible for Filipino teachers! Their rate is $2/ hr. Such an exploitation! Just my two cents!

That's for North Americans.

2$ for filipinos that's the deal and 22$ for natives.😭😭

I used to work there and their rate is 50 php per 25 minutes of class.

@_jillianiris It eventually goes up as you get promoted to a higher level as a teacher

@_jillianiris Hi, thanks for your feedback. But how to get promoted to be a higher level teacher?