Advice to agency owners and online recruiters

Jul 09 '19 Nyahq 1098 clicks share

Just a piece of advice to Agency owners and Online Recruiters:

As an HR Generalist myself, I am very respectful of the applicant's time. I know that we are swamped with meetings, reports, and other work-related activities, but we must be mindful that there are applicants who are waiting and hoping and have probably skipped breakfast just to be on time for their interview and if we cannot attend to them right away, let us have the courtesy to see them quick and tell them that we will attend to them as soon as possible.

Although the outsourcing process for freelancers is different, the objective remains the same. Our fellow freelancers took time to apply, eager to answer our questions or as client required, adhere to tests and assessments and put their best foot forward during interviews, there is effort and hope that we will guide them to ease the process.

Let us not feel privileged and have the mindset of: "Ikaw ang naghahanap ng trabaho, mag-intay ka." Remember, you were also once in their shoe. Let us treat everyone with respect and kindness.