Hello guys, so happy to have you here.

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Hello guys from the Philippines,

JobOceans is an online community and platform for those who are looking for jobs and those who are looking for guys.

For job seekers, JobOceans provides a great platform to post their concerns and fully check out a company by real company reviews. This is a great thing, because JobOceans provides you with a different point of view on jobs.

For recruiters, JobOceans also offers you such a nice platform to do recruitment things. More importantly, you can maintain your company reviews here and get the latest information when people are talking about your company.

Last but not the least, let's build our career with infinite possibilities.

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Wow, thank you for running this job platform for us. It's really helpful for those who are seeking jobs in Philippines.

Great. I'm looking for esl teachers who can work online.

@Estrella I think so. 😀😀

@jenny me too. 😜

It's a great place to share and exchange ideas! Thanks.