Daming issue sa Cyberbacker?

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Daming issue sa Cyberbacker?

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Yup, that's why I don't want to consider applying there.

Issues like what po?

I think it depends on how are you going to deal with the minimal issues and some issues na gnagawa ng mga dating employee.

Hi! Today marks my 3rd year in Cyberbacker and I love it here. We already have HMO (you can even enroll your senior citizen parents), Profit Share, weekly games (working from home sometimes gets boring, so the company does a lot of games to pump up our week). To be honest, the company is not 100% perfect, no company is, but what I like about Cyberbacker is that they listen and value your opinion. They value YOU, not just your diploma or fancy certificates, but it’s what you get to offer. I can’t say Cyberbacker has a 100% favor rate, but as a person working there for three years, I can say its worth it. You may hit some bumps on the road (esp the application part), but gold is not handed to you on a silver platter right? You have to work for it and prove you deserve it. You can try and apply to see for yourself. - Maria Contessa Rendon, 3 yrs Cyberbacker