I prefer to use TransferWise but my boss sticks to PayPal

Dec 03 '20 wbeier 1792 clicks ask
Paypal Transferwise

Hello! I prefer Transferwise but Employer uses Paypal. I think he was willing to create a Transferwise account but it looks like there is a risk of delayed payments because all their salaries are in Paypal.

Ano pong advise pwede mabigay to lessen the fees? Send to a USD debit card then send to Transferwise para higher PHP-USD rate? Best option from Paypal to PHP? Others Paypal rate: 1 USD = 46.31 PHP Market rate: 1 USD = ~48 PHP

It makes me cry when the difference is big since there is still a transfer fee.

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You can just convert usd to php from paypal then paypal to gcash.

I'm using transferwise it's higher than paypal and their payment is not delayed within the day the salary is already in the bank.

I heard na pag pinalitan mo currency ni Paymaya to USD, mas makakamura ka. Not sure pa tho. Ineexplore ko rin