Computer recommendations for home-based job?

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OKAY na kaya pang home based to ?


HDD= 500GB

Processor ko AMD.

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Okay na yan sir. Kaya na nyan ng multiple tabs and application. Low budget lang ako before nung nagumpisa ako. 2GB ram, 250GB and dual core processor na dell surplus desktop. 😁😁

depende sa work load mu

Ano pong model ng processor? Best minimum specs for a processor is a quadcore, preferably those with 3ghz &up per core..

If that is an A8 or A10 that would be okay especially if it's in a board with enough growth/upgrade..

Well if it's a Ryzen, something with more cores and more threads to boost the speed then it would be a good start. .

Anyway, if this falls in the old AM3 models like Athlon x2, X3, x4, or the Phenom models X2, X3, X4, X6 I recommend upgrading to the X6 if your board support it...

If that's an FX system mostly FX chips are quads, sixcores and octacores. It may need a lot of ram though. FX chips are good for multitasking, editing but not good for gaming since it doesn't have hyperthreading to boost certain cores for such higher clockspeed.

If your motherboard only supports DDR2 RAMS sadly your system lacks growth. Most of this system runs the memory around 667mhz to 800mhz compared to the DDR4 RAMS that runs from 2.3Ghz up to 3.6ghz .

One thing I like about AMD systems-- The RADEON RAMS are cheap online, it cost around 1/3 the price of an Intel based RAM. So if your running an AMD system I really hope you got a good motherboard with lots of RAM slots.

AMD 5 ba o AMD 7 yung processor mo?

Depends sa task bro... at web tools mo.... processor mo dapat fit although not gaming

Ok na yan. Ako nga A6 lang pero nagdagdag lang ako ng ram to 8gb at inupgrade ang cooling system then overclocked. Kahit ano task kaya pwde pa gaming.

12 Gb RAM/ core i7 / 3 Ghz spec ng laptop ko for web development jobs. this is for browser intensive tasks like 20+ tabs open in 2 screens

Hi! How about Core i5, 2.70 ghz, 8Ram, 64 OS ? Keri po ba guys? Thank you so Much!

Planning mag chat support, email , VA or customer service

For tasks like calls, emails, chat and the likes puwede na po yan