how to directly send inquiries to a job posting?

Aug 04 '19 e11gray 2608 clicks ask

Hi, I'm new here. How do I directly send a question about a specific job posting when there aren't any email addresses or links provided?

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@e11gray Hello, thanks for your posting here. JobOceans is just a platform for recruiters to post jobs and job seekers to find jobs. If they, I mean the recruiters, don't post any email addresses or links in the job description, you can simply ignore such job positions. In most cases, there are email addresses or links provided in their job descriptions. If not, I'll manually delete such posts as they are providing no useful information to those who are looking for jobs.

For any other questions, please let me know. Just leave the comments below. Have a nice day!

Hi @daniel thanks for the reply...i was referring to the posting of Naya "Recruiting online English teachers with three years experience".....there's no indication on how to contact them

Okay, there are many other job opportunities here you may be interested in. As I said previously, if there is no email nor link provided in the job description, just ignore to save your time. I'll take care of this job without contact infomartion. Thanks.

I'll draft another guideline for recruiters to properly post jobs, meaning that the email or application form link should and must be provided. Thanks for your advice @e11gray