What's the reasonable price for converting 266 wav files to mp3?

Feb 26 '20 Mcj 1457 clicks ask

A client asked me to convert 266 wav files to mp3. What's the reasonable rate na pwede ko hingin for the project? Anyone who has the same proj before?

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Easy money for $10 to $20.

kahit 10usd tatanggapin ko yan. i assume you have an audio converter app. might not even take 30 mins. of course still depends on the audio length of each wav.

balik kuryente lang yan hehehe kung highend rig mo na gamit pwede na $30.

panis yan. sana araw araw ganyan loads ko.

kung ako lang ha (mejo cheap) pero kahit $20 lang kukunin ko na yan eh, drag drop wait lang nmn halos tapos magsaing ka na o kaya mag gym, easy money na.

IMHO, project is easy enough. You can simply batch convert the .wav files to any format then check for errors. Much better if client is the one to initiate the offer.

Don't hate. Instead be happy for him. Easy task = Easy money 🙏🏻