I just got my account activated in Bibo

Dec 28 '19 Fernandez 1087 clicks ask

Hello! I just got my account activated in Bibo. I am quite indecisive about the plotting of schedule because I am also currently employed in another ESL company which I don't want to let go and my schedule is mostly full at night. Do students book morning classes in Bibo? I read some posts here that Bibo Teachers are experiencing low bookings lately.

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4.30 am to 9.00 am guaranteed full booking even on weekdays. I am speaking through personal experience though.

@Edwin Okay i'll try that. Thank you.

Plot it on yellow slots. But to set your expectation, if you're a newbie, there are chances of low bookings.

What is the salary for bibo?

dpende kasi when i started very high bookings ako. kung low bookings ka take note of the incentive 😁

How to apply po in bibo?