What is the minimum hourly rate you expect if working 40+ hours per week as a virtual assistant?

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Hello guys,

What is the minimum hourly rate (in U.S. dollars) you expect if working 40+ hours per week in the long-term, work-from-home role as a virtual assistant?

Is it 4$-6$?

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Started with $4.50 last year, now at $30-ish with one client about 50 hours a week.

It depends on your skill level and experience. I charge 13$ per hour.

If you want to earn premium you need to structure more complex services that will have more value in your clients eyes.

Hm. I understand the need to ask. I got curious too. But let's not use it as a standard just because we want to start off with the same rate.

I like to think that rates are based from skill and experience. Not based from the country you are hired from. So yeah there are clients who would lowball your rate, but there are also those who will hire you because you have the right set of skills, experience and attitude they are looking for.

Is asking for a higher rate being greedy? Not if you deserve it.

Take note that there are different kinds of VA - General VA, Technical VA, Podcast VA etc. They don't require the same skills so they are more likely to have diff starting rates

Is it ok to start low if you are just starting out? 100% yes. If it helps you earn a portfolio, testimonial and gather more experience why not? You do you. Charge what you think is worth your time.

Also working from home comes with its own set of challenges. You invest on your own equipment, you shoulder electricity, internet bills. Earning 1000-1200php a day is not necessarily enough. Each family has their own set of needs.

I'd rather work for a client who pays me because he sees the value I provide rather than seeing it as a cheaper option to hire staff. As a freelancer, you get to choose who to work for and how much you need to charge what is worth your time.

If a recruiter tells you otherwise, perhaps you need to apply somewhere else.

There was a post for chat support I saw, $12. There's another for $25.

If your situation now is dire, like struggling to put food in the table... then don't listen to "nice reply" here and grab that opportunity at $3-4 hourly rate, that's whether the tasks are so basic or highly technical. But if your situation now is manageable at least, then you can afford to loss this income opportunity if they don't accept your, let's just say $10 hourly rate. Good luck!

The minimum rate in US is $7.25/hr. Tho there are reasons why they outsource VA's. You’ll have a hard time finding clients with this rate if your clients don’t know the value you are putting on the table and will just see your worth based on your location. if you’re a newbie with zero experience, you might want to do a paid test run.

What if you are an ESL teacher and has worked for many years in this industry and wants to venture into Freelancing?

I think $8/hour is the minimum wage, pero kung VA ka.. Ang hourly rate mo ay nakadepende sa skills mo

You should go for $5 it would be much better than saying $4 as a VA stand your Worth ma'am 😊 if you know the workflow as a VA and your an expert on this niche din go for $6-10 per/hours 😊. But if your a newbie same as me I offer $5/hour as a Facebook ads manager 😁 it'll be worth to try and enhance more on your skills once your on the actual job but little bit of advice keep on learning and never put limitation on it Laban Lang 😊