Client asks to submit business plans foe his company

May 29 '20 Ortz 2910 clicks ask

Is it okay when the client ask you first to submit your business plans for his company prior to your job application?

What can you say po? Screening process daw. Pero iniisip ko rin po kasi maybe he's only getting business ideas from the applicants tapos wala na.

Advice po. Thank you.

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They are asking for your opinion what are the PROS and CONS of having you on board, what are your plans when it comes to the growth of the company. Like how many percent of sales can you push. These things can put you to an advantage if answered correctly.

Maybe you can give him just gist of what your plan is, parang movie trailer. This client is probably testing if you’re a good fit. Then you can politely advise him that you’re happy to discuss further details once you’re hired.

Ask for a fee as it takes time to identify what they need, plan and create strategies to achieve their goals. Ndi yan libre, wag siya barat. Better yet, suggest a discovery call to identify what they need. While on the call, draw a plan and mention what you can possibly do. The sell your service for an hourly/weekly/monthly rate and your business plan. If they insist you send them a propos, say sorry as prepping a plan takes time and that may take you away from your other paid work which will be unfair on your end. You can offer to create one for them with a particular fee (and indicate when you can submit it). Don't forget to indicate, you will only send a copy when you receive the payment.

There's possibility that they are scouting for business ideas.

Verbal lang. Huwag written. Tapos key points lang, huwag ung buong process. Kukuha lang yan ng idea tapos ipapagawa sa mga mababa ang hourly rate.

When in doubt, don't.
Some do take advantage of "free work" under the pretense of a job offer. Don't fall for these traps.

Potential candidates may be gauged from what is written on their CV. They should hire you on probation if they see a good job fit.

Baka naman po he meant was business proposal wherein doon mo sasabihin lahat ng kaya mong gawin but not exactly the ways on how to do it.

No. Ask them to call you or interview you nalang

For me NO. I would tell them you have to know more about about the company first (it's culture, values, etc.) before you can give a business plan. Which means they have to hire me first before I can give them the business plan. Otherwise, it's just a plain copy and paste of what you have Googled. I would rather give them a list of what you can offer to the company.

Just a short summary would do I think. Show them you got ideas but not to the point na pwd nilang macopy tapos d kana nila i-hire 😂

For me it’s okay. But do some research first regarding your client to see if legit. Trust your intuition based on how he offers the deal. 🙂

But creating a business plan takes a lot of time and effort 🤔 Client should pay you.

maybe they are gauging what you are capable of.

Legit employers will not let you get away if they see that you can bring value to the company. If they don’t call you back, it’s probably because they think otherwise.

For me I think no..