What do you advice to learn to get a specialized freelancing job?

Mar 13 '20 SoAnn 1800 clicks ask

I'm currently working as an appointment setter, and want to transition to a specialized skill freelance job. guys what skill do you advice to learn? or master.

PS. I love art can sketch (basic knowledge of photoshop) and I am an eloquent speaker. or any skill set that can be learned.

Thanks in advance.

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Try looking into things that make you happy - Passion.

Ask yourself what you want to do.

Not because you can sketch, you will be a graphic artist. I have a lot of friends who make beautiful digital art, but they prefer to write for a living or do something else. They love visual arts so much that they prefer to make it a hobby to keep its magic.

Ikaw pa rin naman makakasagot sa tanong na yan. If you're going to choose a career, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy and heart onto it.

If you can sketch characters or environments, being a concept artist pays well, that is if you know how to sell your skills. From game assets, to Manga/comics, character design and similar jobs. But first thing you have to do is to improve your skills before offering it up for potential clients.

Better make printables for sale! Look at etsy.com

Graphic design! You can look up online courses on mastering the job. It will help you price your work higher and appropriately too.