We are looking for a full-time diversely skilled TikTok Media Buyer to join our team

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Tiktok Media Buyer

WE ARE HIRING!!! We are looking for a full-time diversely skilled TikTok Media Buyer to join our team.

Tiktok Media Buyer's responsibilities include tracking and analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns in TikTok. To be successful in this role, you should have hands-on experience as Social Media Buyer in Tiktok and be able to turn creative ideas into effective advertising projects.

Work hours : 1AM EST - 12PM EST Rate: $4.5/hour with an option for Salary based pay.


  • Digital media buying using Tiktok to drive traffic to proprietary sites. The primary focus is TikTok media channel.
  • Comply with company process on how to launch campaigns while being provided the needed creatives
  • Text and display creative creation, split testing, and optimization
  • Manage and run the TikTok Ads based on the company requirements
  • Performance reporting and post-campaign insight reports
  • Monitor ad and landing page performance.
  • Complete other duties, tasks, and activities as they arise

Other Requirements:

  • Must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to establish, develop, and maintain business relationships.
  • Creative: Ability to generate new out-of-the-box ideas. (Advantage)
  • Analytical: Ability to analyze key metrics to optimize campaigns and reduce cost per user. (Advantage)
  • Capable of adjusting to changing priorities
  • Great at solving unstructured problems with little to no supervision in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment.
  • Demonstrates a collaborative relationship with peers.
  • Own PC with at least i3 or better
  • Stable internet with backup
  • Able to work long hours with US time zones
  • No power interruption or with backup measures


  • We will be providing a series of tests to verify that we will be able to work together.