Transaction on hold when my client sent my salary using PayPal

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My client sent my salary on Paypal, my account is three years already pero i haven't used it to transact online or receive payments. Ngayon lang since the client wants the mode of payment thru Paypal.

Now it is on hold, it was indicated in the email that they will hold it for 21 Days. QUESTION, has anyone here experienced the same situation as mine? Nareceive niyo din po ba on time, exactly 21 days yung money niyo sa available balance??

I'm afraid baka umabot pa ng mahigit isang buwan ang hold, huhu. Help!

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Aside sa matagal na inactive ang account, ano pa ibang reason nahohold ang payment?

Ganyan din sakin. Lumipat kami sa western union. Within the day nasa bank account mo na ang sweldo

Ok lang yan😊. 2 to 3 days marerelease na yan.😁

Dpat send as a friend or family kc pag payment mtgal at mdmi ekek.

Pero pde yan ichange status mo ung sa order ng shipped ata tas ipconfirm sa client nrrelease agad

Haysss ganyan talaga ang paypal!!! Nakakainis..kaya lang yang ang preferencr ni client e..

Hindi naman lahat ng client gusto ng Transferwise kahit mas ok yun. I tried it before sa isang client ayaw talaga niya.

Sakin, never pang na hold ang transaction since mula nung first time akong nagka sanod that was last year.

Use TransferWise instead! 🙂

Wait for the 21 days para marelease ni Paypal, or better use Transferwise next time.

Meron po sa youtube na tutorial pano yan solusyunan. I got mine in just 3 days instead of 21 days.

Tag nyo po as Processsed then ask your client to confirm it on their end.

• Log in to PayPal account. • Look for Activity Tab. • Locate the transaction needs to be confirm. • Click the details of the transaction. • Click "receive/confirm item/service". • Click Submit.

Ganyan tlga my 21 day holdinh period.. pwede mo ipaconfirm sa client mo ung payment nya para ndi abutin ng 21 days..

Pangit na po ang Paypal. Suggest Transferwise to your client. Baka magustuhan nya rin.

Kung matagal na rin inactive ang Paypal account mo, it will be treated like a new account again, hence the 21 day holding period.

Yes, it will be held for 21 days. For 5 consecutive payments. Oo, limang sahod ang mahhold. Policy yan ni PayPal. Sucks right? Ganyan saken. I have to wait 5 transactions, after that okay na. Now, we use transferwise.

Also, it helped me one time nong nag email ako sa PayPal support. They released my funds pero once lang. I waited parin maka 5 na sunod sunod na payment si client.

if na freeze send ka lng prooof of identity like id's scan mo tpos send sa kanila.