Recently got hired as a Cold Caller, is it normal to look for 50-100 leads per day then call all of them?

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Cold Caller

Recently got hired as a Cold Caller...

Task: Find properties para i rent namin for long term then ipapasok namin sya sa airbnb. Then call the property owners.

May certain criteria si employer na hirap na hirap ako hanapan ng leads...

Question is, normal ba maka hanap ng 50-100 leads per day then tatawagan pa lahat yun?

Thank you!

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Cold calling. Anong klaseng list yan, confimr owners ba sila? Malabo ang 50-100 leads per day sa Real estate dahil 0-1 ang labanan diyan pag cold calling. Kung 50-100 calls per day is super possible.

Impossible. unless these are established leads and you are not circle prospecting. I did circle prospecting before and used a multi-dialer, sometimes only had 1-2 leads for 1,500 dials/calls.

It depends on where you scrape your leads. If you use Apollo for example, scraping 100 leads would just take 5 mins max. 100 calls in an 8 jour shift is also achievable.