My client and I agreed for a fixed $300/month, now he switched me to full-time

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Looking for advise.

My client and I agreed for a 15 and 30 payout for a fixed $300/month (part time). But now he switched me to full time which is 8 hrs a day and he introduced me to new tasks such as proofreading, editing articles, research, creating Youtube thumbnails, etc.

He paid me today for 14,566 pesos. Full time, 8 hrs a day, Monday to Friday. I was dismayed and demotivated. So it's showing that my hourly rate is $3.36. I thought he increased my salary given the new assignments and my payout 2 weeks ago was higher than expected. I've been working with him for 2 months now and I've been in this industry for over 3 years and I feel that I don't deserve this rate with my skills.

Should I talk to him and ask him for salary increase or should I find a new job? What would you do if this is your case?

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Talk to him. If he/she will not agree find another employer.

You are supposed to get less than 8k per salary day as a part-timer, but now you get 14k+ because you're now working FT.

A fixed rate is different from hourly rate, so if you want to get paid hourly, then you should not have settled for the fixed rate. :)

All the best! And best to talk to your client. I'd say I will be thankful to get a client that helps me grow my skillset. I am charging 6-8usd/hr now, but I don't mind getting paid 800usd as a monthly rate if I like the job enough.

So think about it first before you quit. $600 USD a month isn't so bad given the crisis now. Cheers!

Wait, if your part time rate is 300 USD, then FT rate is around 600 USD. Since you get paid bi-weekly (twice a month), then what you received is just right. Since you will get 300 USD per salary day.

300 USD x 48 pesos (let's say this is the PayPal conversion) = 14,400

So I wonder where the discrepancy is?

Wondering the same thing.

Talk to your client. You should not be demotivated with your work. It will effect your performance and personal life.

You can propose a new contract given that there were new tasks added.

It is obvious that your expectations were not met. He probably thought it was ok with you. Schedule a catch up and explain everythjng in concise manner. 1st approach Start with good stuff that you appreciate the trust he has given you to manage more than what was intended. Ask if he was satsified with the results. Explain in numbers: $300 was agreed rate for part time, and switching to full time you were expecting a per hour rate of _. You have been in the industry for _ yrs and the going rate is _. Ask: Is he looking to hire you for long term or short term only? State: We need to clarify rates and scope from previous deliverable and for those will follow

2nd Approach Let him know that you liked the tasks and working with him (if you do) ask him if he is aware of the going rate of your caliber. Based on his reply explain how working 8 hours has limited your chance of getting more projects. Ask him how much he is willing to pay for that quality of service. Explain that your monthly salary expectations is _ otherwise you need to stick to part time

Practice how you say this, be firm and respectful, it is possible that he was not aware that it was too low or he cannot afford it.

I hope he was not outsourcing to you a job that he was supposed to do, kasi that would explain why it was too low.

You're the freelancer. You command your own rate.

Look for a new job. Get the offer in writing and present it to your current employer to match or beat it.

That’s the typical way to do it stateside.

Talk to your client just mention you only want to clarify and then try to find a new job at the same time so u don't have to worry if it didn't turn out your way after the discussion with your current client. If he insist that he wants u to do the new task without increase notify him that u will no longer continue the work. Sometimes u have to teach the clients to understand your worth as a person.

There is nothing wrong if you seek clarification with your employer.

An agreement should have been made prior to you going full time.

So he is paying you 600 USD for full time. Ilang hrs ba ang work mo sa kanya dati when you had a USD300 part time arrangement?

Taik to first with your client...

Know your worth. Better talk and negotiate with him. Explain you side cause with all those task it is not a good joke that you'll just be receiving that kind of rate. Not unless he is to pay you again the same amount after you have performed those tasks. How I wish...🤔

Inform him that $300 was for a part time position and say it in the right way that your full time rate will be different. Do not do the task yet that was added he might think that it is okay to you.

Talk to your client first for clarity... then if it doesn't work out, look for another client.

Talk to him. It is unfair.

Kung full time dapat $600 na yan. Talk to your client na lang, open communication lang.

Thanks to all who commented, I didn't have time to reply to each of your comments but I really appreciate the advise and respect.

I'm giving it another month and will look for part time jobs for now, then will renegotiate the rate to my full time client.