Transferred money from PayPal to BPI last week, however the money is still nowhere to be found

Aug 24 '20 brianne85 1167 clicks ask

Hello! I transferred money from paypal to BPI last week; however, the money is still nowhere to be found. Mga ilang days po siya marereceive? Aug. 18 ko po trinansfer yung money.

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Is that your first transaction?

Who's receiving dollars from PayPal, I can convert higher than PP rate, pm lang, PP rate now is 47.17 or something,

1-2 weeks. Dapat paypal to gcash tas gcash to send bank

in my case paypal to bpi din ako 1-2 banking days andyan na.

Better to use paymaya. No worries at all unlike gcash 😁

dadating yan today or bukas. dumaan kase sat and sun nd counted sa bilang un since nd business days.

Thank you, everyone! Big help! 😊😊😊

Hello, you may consider PayPal to Gcash fund transfer. It's more convenient and fast since it's real-time.

3-5 days confirming by paypal. 3-5 days again to be transferred to your bank. Dipende rin sa laki yung tagal ng pag transfer.

7 days max, weekends & holidays excluded.