Payment transfer in PayPal has been on hold

Mar 09 '20 Abagon 1782 clicks ask

Anyone here who tried using paypal? pano po gagawin if on hold yung payment ni client? 2 days na since nagsend si client ng payment pero sabi on hold daw.

Thank you in advance.

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Dapat i manual confirm ng client mo inside his paypal para ma release ang pay mo. Basta through goods or services ang mode of payment. Sabihin mo sa kanya na log in xa sa paypal niya tas iclick niya yung transaction ng pay mo..may makikita xa blue link or confirm order na button click.niya yun para marelease yung pay mo on your end kasi kung hindi 21 days kapa maghihintay.

Manually confirm.

Usually 21 days onhold if international. But there is a confirmation number where you can ask your client and then it will be released.

@Pantz thank you.