Recommendations on gaming CPUs please?

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Hey guys, To those who use gaming CPUs, please refer naman where you bought yours. CPU only.

My budget is Php. 10,000 - 20,000 and this will be used for the following:

  1. Canva/ adobe illustrator
  2. Filmora Wondershare video edits.
  3. Roblox and Minecraft for my little one’s controlled screen-times.

Need some recos since I've only used a laptop for years. Suggest naman kayo ng shops or online links plus your mini review. Thank you!

PS. I will also buy an LG monitor soon. But this bit is already handled since may napili na ako.

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Try mo sa Shoppe. Kahit RYZEN 3, RAM 8GB okay na.

If you really want a gaming pc that can handle adobe make your budget atleast 20k.. and get ryzen 3 or 5 with 8gb of ram with a decent GPU atleast gtx 1060 2nd hand nga lng. but it will work..

okay, let's be honest with this, 10k for a PC that can handle Adobe Suites, Filmora Wondershare, Roblox and Minecraft, etc... is kinda out of your ballpark. you got to stretch your budget if you're targeting brand new systems. if you're into the 2nd hand market, then Facebook Marketplace is for you. but 10k isn't enough for your needs.

If you're on a budget, visit EasyPC. Gawin mong 16gb yung RAM mo since you'll be doing video editing. Kung may makita ka na Ryzen 5 na package na pasok sa budget, good na yun.

mukang malabo ung 10k - 20k budget mo brader. Pag gusto mo ng ganun dapat, 25k above ung budget mo kasi mabigat ung mga specs which means mahal. lol

masyado ako naliliitan sa 10k. look for a laptop, nasa 40k-50k starting price kung gusto mo ng pwede sa mga task mo na manageable. when it comes to desktop siguro makakapasok ka na sa 20k-30k na similar spec laptop, pagdating sa budget mode, hindi ako fan kasi magtitipid ka sa things like PSU na delikado para sa bahay mo.

in terms of multitasking, mas mahihirapan ka rin pag hindi at least quadcore ang PC mo. my ryzen rig is midrange, wala pa ko monitor, about 50k na inabot. i'm pretty sure you can go below that since you dont look like you are into gaming that much.

ang advantage talaga ng desktop ay cheaper(probably by 20-30%), heat dissipation. ang disadvantage ay not portable.

i found this link from villman:

here is a similarly speced lappy from pcx, check mo na lang sa link kung ano yung specs:

prebuilt at quadcore na yan at may discrete GPU.

*mas makakamura ka kung magDIY, pero pagdating sa warranty, ibig sabihin iisaisahin mo rin parts mo. so since hindi ka naman enthusiast, you can buy prebuilt gears.

@Ninis grabe yung 50K. 😱😱😱yes, im not really into gaming. The closest game it would cater to would be roblox and minecraft. Para sa anak ko. Pero i want a gear that would allow all three apps to be opened na walang lags sana. Thanks so much for the links. Will surely check these out

For an entry level gaming system, I think minimum is 30k. A decent graphics card alone will cost you around 10k na plus processor, board, ram, monitor, etc pa.

assemble ka kung taga QC ka pwede ka sa Gilmore, if you need help pwede q i refer yung tech guy.

If you mean CPU as system unit, I agree with everyone here - expect ~25k above for the system unit.

Would recommend something similar to my current PC build - I use this for teaching English, but I'm also planning to do VA work by Q3 2020. This should be able to handle your use case.

My build:

(Note: ignore USD prices, prices listed were at time of purchase between 2011 and 2019. Should be cheaper w/ Ryzen 4000 desktop coming and SSD prices lower now than 2017 (when I bought my SSD))

This might sound a bit too technical, so please feel free to ask questions! :)

Thanks all for your recos and sharing your thoughts. ☺️☺️💓💓😆😆