Need your opinion, what do you think my rate should be?

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Hi! Need your opinion/advice 😅

I’ve been working at this company for 1 year now. I love working with them and they are so great to work with. They are generous with paid offs and bonuses.

The thing is, when they hired me yung rate ko sa kanila is pang beginner lang and for 1 task. Now, all around na ako. Influencer marketing, social media advertising, SMM, admin tasks, basic video editing, content creation (images + caption) then one-off research tasks. I’m planning to ask for an increase because I know I deserve it. But I’m hesitant kasi I think this is a sensitive topic to touch?

Also, as much as I want to double my rate (kasi ang baba talaga nung current), parang ang hirap kasi baka sabihin nila why double agad. But the doubled rate is just right for my responsibilities naman... 😅

How do you approach your client about this? I don’t think kasi na sila yung magaapproach sakin to increase my rate.

P.S. with my current tasks I mentioned above, what do you think my rate should be? Just want to compare with what I actually charge and what you think my rate should be. Baka matatauhan ako 🙈

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Congratulate them first on whatever achievement your team has now. Then, tell them your current role and your achievements to each role. After that, you can gladly say to increase your rate double and provide value. :)

If you know your worth it, go for it! If your client values you, they would be happy giving you a raise 😊

As long as you provide value to the company, westeners actually prefer proactiveness, even sa pag ask ng raise.

If you think you deserve the raise and the value of the work you put in is evident and justifiable, go for it! Know your worth. As Filipinos we immediately think these are sensitive topics because it is embedded in our culture to feel shy to ask for something more, even if we know we deserve it. You can do it, good luck!

Ayun na nasabi mo an sa unang part. Tell them you are grateful to be part of the business. Kamo as time passes by, you saw that the business grew and that it requires you to do additional tasks like social media marketing, etc, etc.

Kamo I believe that it is fair enough to ask for your performance review and revisit your current rate. Sabihin mo din na with the past year, your expense to operate as an individual contractor is now even higher. Ganun.

Basta kapag hihinge ka ng increase laging ang number 1 pambato mo jan is yung value ng work mo. Add on nalang ung expenses mo(which shld not be included if working in corp world) pero since freelancer ka and sariling gastos eh isama mo na din😊

I hope this can help.

I was once told by my previous employer na this is so common with us Pinoys daw... And what he meant to say is true, I think. We tend to think na asking for a raise is such a sensitive topic when it is only right to be compensated for what you truly deserve. Just be upfront and lay out your reasons... Kung di mo gagawin, they'll just take advantage. 🙃

I think you just be upfront with your employer and ask to speak with them regarding a pay raise. Usually sa US you dont get an increase until they actually promote you or they have an annual evaluation in place. So ikaw minsan talaga mag bring up.