I'm a fresh graduate and don't have any working experience aside from my OJT

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Good day!

I'm a fresh graduate and I don't have any working experience aside from my OJT. I have 15 unit professional education subject but still I cannot meet the school requirements for minimum unit for teaching. I'm not also fluent in English. My views about English is you should know how to speak English and speak English in your comfortable manner. Do not speak slang or with good pronunciation or just follow the norm of speaking English if you can't or you are not comfortable with it. The important with it is you can speak English and communicate in english . Everyone are unique so every English skills is unique also. English is not a measure for intelligent so if your English is not good do not laugh or judge or descriminate those people who are not good in speaking English.

I don't have any English certificate nor license so please don't ask me why I don't have certificate and license because I don't have budget for English training and certificate for now but I'm planning to take board exam and I'm currently enrolled in review class although it was free.

I have a LTE connection at home and we are near the cell tower of globe although there are some time we cannot afford to pay our internet connection on time.

I really want to try online teaching but I cannot afford to upgrade my internet connection, laptop and headset. Can I still be a online teacher?

I want to try online teaching. Is there any company there for newbie like me? I like to teach kids so that I can use my degree and it is line with my field of study.. I prefer to teach toddler age until grade 4 because I know I'm not good in English to handle grade 5 and above. I also prefer to teach the all subject because I hear in our community that there are some company there that offer tutorial classes for kids aswell as home schooling.

I try 51talk but unfortunate I didn't pass their internet requirement. My view about upgrading internet, laptop, and head set is if you hire me and if I am 2 months at work that the time I can afford upgrading.

Thank you for reading this long post.😭😭

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I suggest you upgrade your internet first before applying. Because that is one of thr major requirements. You cannot tell your employer to hire you first before upgrading your internet. In this industry we need to invest first.

If you can't upgrade your equipment, you should just apply for an office-based position. They usually check your equipment before the official interview and demo-teaching.