Is it okay to ask for a raise after a year of working with a certain client?

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Is it okay to ask for a raise after a year of working with a certain client?

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Why not 😃

Yes, though it should be at least after 6 months.

How much po kaya ang pwedeng iincrease kapag ganyan?

It doesn't hurt to ask but you also have to be fair to your client and put yourself in their shoes. Magbibigay ka ba ng umento para sa trabahong sakto lang na bayad naman kada buwan? Kaya mahalaga din na merong KPI's para masukat mo kung na e-exceed mo yung target mo para makapag request ng mas mataas na sahod.

I never asked. But my client surprised me for a raise this week. I work full time with him and he gave me 50% raise of my hourly rate.


Clients should already know that unless the contract states different terms (if you signed any).

Yes. Basta one year. Ask for a raise. Automatic nayun na mag ask ka na.

You should always know your worth, if you think you deserve a raise, ask for it. Remember for those who don't ask, the answer will always be no!

If you are confident with what you deliver for your client, then do so. It's just a matter of negotiation. You can say that you will upgrade your computer or internet for better task management (if it's true). Whatever the case may be, you have to negotiate.

Yes, if you think you have became an asset for the company.

Wala yan sa tagal..i think sa worth ng efforts n loyalty n other factors pa like ur performance too so YES But it shouldn't be just how long u have been for them..with increase in sweldo, it may mean u have to do more for them..just like any promotion kung company worker ka..they may expect more from you so handa ka na ba? 🙂