Is really legit?

May 01 '20 Alcante 1551 clicks review

Hi everyone, would like to ask I am a new freelancer looking for a freelance work in for many days now.

Just today I was hired $5 per hour but the employer does not give me work. Is this really legit? do anyone here have also the same experience? would like to ask your thoughts?Thanks

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Did you start your time tracker? Just coordinate with your employer if still no reply. Send a inquiry to support. But I suggest to keep on Bidding. Sometimes there are clients like that in😊

Message you client and he did not get back to you for days, just find another client. ..then careful rin maraming hindi legit sa

Typical in the freelancing world..but i suggest you contact your client. If still unresponsive after several days, move on and find another work.