I’m getting painful migraines. Is it because of using the laptop for hours?

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Hi, I’m getting painful migraines. Is it because of using the laptop for hours?

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Buy eyeglasses with blueshield.

f.lux katapat nyan. Kaso lang kung night shift ka mahirap gamitin ung f.lux kc nakakaantok hahaha

Yes max exposure sa light and eye strain and also dehydration baka nalimutan na uminom ng tubig. Ganyan din po ako pag madaming ginagawa

Anti-Rad glasses also helps..

my take on this: I don't really recommend flux to be honest. either turn down your brightness and contrast on your monitors (laptop desktop AND phones) and avoid long hours over them

or wear gunnars. been wearing once since I was still highly competitive back in 2011 and still am wearing the same one to date.

Make it a habit to look away from the monitor for atleast 10 seconds every 30 mins to 1 hr. Water or Coffee break :)

Have your eyes checked! I had mine and i have no morr headaches now. Be sure to add anti-radiation feature to your prescription glasses. Wag yung binibenta lang online 😊

Drink a lot of water, and rest your eyes (search the proper rest in between of screen time).

You might also need to have your eyes checked for prescription glasses. That's what fixed my migraine attcks before.

That's not because of using a laptop but rather something more physiological, try upping your water intake first if that doesn't help consult a doctor.

I'm having painful migraines, too, but because I don't have any moolah na lol

Turning the Night Light feature of your PC or Laptop can help. I used to have that before but after frequent use of Night Light feature helps..