I was able to get a chance to submit 2 proposals and luckily got hired as a Real Estate VA at Upwork

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Hello po. I need your advise sana about my situation. Kaka-approved lng po ng account ko last week, sa 20 connects I was able to get a chance to submit 2 proposals and luckily got hired as a Real Estate VA.

My problem is, it's my 1st client in Upwork, and alam ko may time tracker and screen capture si Upwork. Before I submit my proposal I already have a part-time job as an email/chat tech support. Please understand, dahil nanay nko at may sinusupport na family need ko ng malaking income kaya nag apply pa din ako sa upwork for extra income.

To make my long story short, si client aware na may part time ako at okay lng daw sa knya. My question po is, mabbanned or madedeactivate po ba account ko sa upwork pag na screenshot yung dalawa kong work kahit aware si client? Thank you so much in advance sa mga advise nyo guys. God bless! 😊🙏

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Do you mean sabay mong gagawin work mo on both clients?

Maybe you can use other laptop.

It's probably not a good juggling when you're in time. Learn how to keep a screenshot of time tracker if you want to be juggling but before you are having a hard time. Use 2 Laptops and the same time, it's better. One for upwork & one for your tech support. Maybe your client will think that your time is running out of your own work. It's probably not beautiful especially if there are screenshots.

Hey, you might be suspended if your client has reported you, I am not 100 % sure of the suspension but, when you are caught by your client and you will be asked to give up what he paid and will review the upwork, besides the negative feedback, maybe you will not be able to To get a new client again in upwork, that's what happened.

Please manage your time. Once you review that you are doing something different from your real estate job, your worries will be the one that can happen. If your chat support is under upwork also, even if your device is 2, it is not possible. There is time for a client, then time to spent one. 🤗

It's okay even though multiple clients but if you are hourly rate with upwork client and you are using time tracker, don't include your other work. It should be dedicated to the time that client pays him. If you are client, is it okay for you that your freelancer has other work in the time you pay? Manage your time.

I don't think it's professional to work on 2 clients at once (same hours). It's fully understandable na kelangan natin ng maraming work para ma-sustain mga families natin. Pero, yung mga clients din naman natin, they also want to earn for their families. They gambled on you, let them feel they hit the jackpot. Kung ang tanong me eh pwede kang ma-ban by doing so, yes po.

Yung mga nagsasuggest ng 2 monitors or 2 devices, mali yun. It is suggesting na dinadaya mo ang client mo by working on another using his time.

Isa lang device pwede na. Pero tama yung isang comment na una na do not do multijobs at the same time. That is clearly fraud, even if you use a different device.

Check your integrity.

Pwede mo hatiin ang time mo, 4 hours with this and another 4 hours with that. Time management.

But never cheat on a client by working on another with the time he pays you.

To answer your question, inaassume ko na client means it is ok that you have another job but he doesnt expect that you do it during his paid time.

Hindi ka naman masususpend. Pero pag nireport ka ni client sa upwork, hindi ka na agad qualified for Top Rated or rising talent status for the next 16 weeks after you settled your issue with your client. And you may not get 5stars if you have issues with a client.

Consider po ung timeslot ni client sa availability mo. If flexi time naman, manage your time po. Di pwedeng on ang tracket on two devices. Unless the other one is per milestone ang payment na no need for tracker.

If you’re accepting job offers, consider yung timezone and time slot availability mo and yung required client. Baka kasi mag sabay sila required time for you to log in, di po pwede yun.

It’s a big NO na pagsabayin ang 2 clients mo sa parehong oras. Time Management kelangan mo. Tsaka baka mamaya malito kapa sa workload mo. maienter mo sa other client ung data mo sa kabila. Baka sa halip na may 2 clients ka mawala pa pareho. Bawal mandaya!

I think to make it fair sa upwork client mo, i off mo yung timer mo if you are working para sa other job mo para hindi mabill si client ng unnecessary things. Di nmn kc yun part ng work nya eh. Mahirap kasi baka questionin nya un. Yes naiintindihan nya na may part time ka pa pero alam ba nya na sabay mo yun gagawin and same pc lang? Ung lang nmn sakin.

Buy another laptop. Do the other work on the new laptop. If you are the client, do you want your employee to work for another during office hours? I don't think so.

Better have at least allowed time for each task.

Some workload are really light na just waiting so if clients is fine with it Upwork won't complain.