Is there a way to not renew the contract with pldt?

Aug 07 '19 RizaTan 5270 clicks ask

Good day guys! I just want to ask those who are using PLDT Fiber. Since I moved home and I needed my line in my new location. Their support says they need to renew the contract meaning if you are already 1 year in your 2-year contract, you will be able to react to 0 that once transfer. Have you experienced this as well? Is there a way to not renew the contract? It's a bit toxic to deal with pldt support. Thanks

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Nope. Afaik, ganyan talaga unless matagal ka na sa kanila (like 2 years++) which, if that’s the case, they’ll be more lenient and let you transfer hassle-free.

Yes po ganyan den nangyari sa akin kso 3 months bago nalipat ung fiber sa new house namin after araw araw na follow up. Then kung ndi pa niraise ng husband ko sa kakilala ng company nila na supervisor from pldt baka hanggang ngyn wla pa ren. They give me the run around.. tpos sasabihin pa nahirapan daw hanapan ng slot etc etc.. nightmare talaga

Yes, it's just like that. If you are really planning to go with pldt fiber, you have to accept what they request.

I am a pldt user almost 7 years since there is still a fiber connection.. I have changed the apartment 3 times and I had transferred the pldt 3 times. It's not my renew contract. I just paid 1000 pesos each time I transfer, which will be added to your next month billing.

No need to renew... Just go to their office and fill up the form for transfer of service address.

We relocated from Manila to Davao and transferred without paying a peso